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Do Family Lawyers Work Together or Alone on Cases?

Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC Address How They Work as Family Lawyers on Cases There cannot be a straightforward ‘yes or no’ answer to that question. Whether family lawyers work alone on a case or with other lawyers really depends upon the type and complexity of the case itself. As leading family and divorce lawyers in Philadelphia, Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC ensure complete attention is given to the specific needs of their clients’ cases. Their clients get individual attention and are assigned lawyers based on the complexity of their cases and the attorneys’ caseloads. Benefits of Working Together Working in teams helps keep the costs down for the client. There are certain aspects of divorce filings that do not require the attention of a senior lawyer. Junior lawyers are available to study the bank statements, tax returns and other financial documentation. The junior divorce lawyers are fully capable of extracting the needed information from these papers,[...]

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Main Line Today Honors King of Prussia Divorce Attorney, Kate Vetrano, with Title of Top Lawyer

Main Line Today Honors King of Prussia Divorce Attorney, Kate Vetrano, with the Title of Top Lawyer King of Prussia, PA – In August of this year, Main Line Today announced their list of Main Line Top Lawyers. Kate Vetrano, a King of Prussia divorce attorney and a partner at Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC (https://www.vetranolaw.com/), has been granted the honor of being listed as one of the top divorce lawyers in 2014. What makes Kate Vetrano such a great lawyer is not based purely on skill, education, and experience; it’s passion that makes the difference.  Kate Vetrano devotes time from her busy career every year to teach lawyers about the many issues that they face when they represent a client going through divorce. In addition to offering a compassionate environment for clients facing the stresses of divorce, Kate Vetrano also knows the importance of imparting valuable knowledge to other attorneys. This August, Kate[...]

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