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Vetrano & Feinman LLC Welcomes New Family Lawyer Lydia Shaw Terrill to their Firm

| Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman.
King of Prussia, PA – Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC is excited to welcome a new associate attorney to the firm – Lydia Shaw Terrill, Esquire. Ms. Terrill graduated from Drexel University, Thomas R. Kline School of Law in 2014; and from The George Washington University in 2007. While in law school,...

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Family Lawyer Describes the Bifurcated Divorce Process

| Lindsay Hanifan Childs.
By Lindsay C. Hanifan, Esquire – Family Lawyer In most divorce cases in Pennsylvania, the court will not enter a divorce decree until all of the economic issues have been decided. This means that most spouses will need to either enter into an agreement regarding the division of marital property and...

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