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How We Are Different

why-usKate Vetrano has been representing people going through divorce for over thirty years. She has encountered many different situations and problems and helped thousands of people through the divorce process. Kate Vetrano has shared her experience with partner and family lawyer, Sarinia Feinman, and associate attorneys Lindsay Hanifan Childs and Gregory Gilston, who are devoted and dedicated to the practice of family law.

At Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC, we meet with our clients to carefully understand the nature and complexity of their lives and their situations and family dynamics. We strive to find solutions to all problems that respect the family. A couple may decide to divorce, but when they have children together, their lives will never be totally separate. The family is forever even if the mother and father are no longer husband and wife. The family must survive the divorce.

We understand that the way you handle yourself in the divorce will influence just how your family interacts with one another. We will guide you toward appropriate behavior and responses. We will not add to the stress of your divorce by encouraging you to take unwarranted positions or to take actions that do nothing but cause estrangement of the family members. There is enough adversity in a divorce without the lawyers fighting their own battles.

We will help you understand the different ways to share custody of your children with the other parent. We will help you see what is in the best interests of your children if the conflict of the divorce is clouding your judgment.

Although representing your interests is our primary goal, helping you achieve that in a family centric manner is very important to us. We want to help you find amicable solutions without compromising your rights. We will help you weigh different approaches so that you can make decision that work for you and for your family. We will show you what different proposals for settlement mean to you so that you can make the right decisions about your divorce and resolution of the many property and almond issues that arise.

Divorce Attorney Kate Vetrano can meet with you to personally discuss your family, your spouse, your children, your wants, desires, and needs. Kate Vetrano can help you decide which of our divorce attorneys is right for you and your situation. Call our office to schedule a meeting with Kate Vetrano.