Amicable Divorce Through Collaborative Law

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What happens during the first few weeks after spouses end their relationship can set the tone for the duration of a divorce or the rest of their lives. To temper emotions, preserve relationships, and protect their rights, divorcing couples are increasingly seeking comfort and privacy in the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative law can help resolve family disputes in an amicable, family-centric manner – without the delays, costs, and uncertainty of divorce litigation.

Child Custody Attorney Kate Vetrano

At Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC, we offer experienced legal guidance to clients in Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County and all counties in Pennsylvania. We are committed to helping clients quickly and effectively resolve their divorce or family-related dispute through collaborative law or arbitration. If you are interested in completing your divorce without going to court, and without unnecessary hostility, contact Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC to learn more about amicable divorce through collaborative law.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a no-court, non-combative method of obtaining a divorce. Both the husband and wife hire attorneys who are specially trained in collaborative law. The husband and wife both commit to reaching a divorce agreement without going to court. By agreeing to work together, the spouses and their attorneys create a team atmosphere as opposed to the adversarial relationship which often results when issues are resolved in the courtroom.

The Benefits of Collaborative Law

The collaborative law process enables couples to come together with their attorneys and work together to achieve an agreement that works best for everyone involved. The issues important to both spouses are considered so that the couple can reach family-centric solutions. The family law attorneys at Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC believe that the collaborative approach is far more beneficial for clients than traditional divorce litigation or the mediation process. In mediation, couples come together to work with an objective mediator to achieve resolution of divorce-related matters. The mediator can give no advice to the parties nor advance a party’s position.However, in the collaborative process, there is the added benefit of having experienced, informative legal representation. A collaborative lawyer works for you to ensure:

  • You understand your rights and your obligations
  • Your interests are protected
  • All marital assets and property are disclosed
  • Real estate, pensions, stock options, royalties and other property is properly valued
  • All necessary and important issues to your family are addressed

Pioneers of Collaborative Law in Pennsylvania

Family law attorney Kate Vetrano brought collaborative law to the Commonwealth Pennsylvania in 1998. She takes pride in helping divorcing spouses come together with their attorneys and work in tandem to achieve a cordial agreement that is in everyone’s best interests. When it comes to family law matters, we believe that the collaborative approach to resolving conflict offers tremendous benefits over mediation or going to court.

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