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Family law cases can be complicated. When you have to go through divorce or custody issues, you want a lawyer you can count on. See what some of our clients have to say about our firm.

Mother who prevailed in her Child Support Case

From the day I met Sarinia I was pleased with her level of professionalism, knowledge and experience. Her phone and email communication was direct and concise but she was happy to go into detail when I needed it. I was pleased when she was able to settle my divorce, child support and child custody agreements out of court, it seemed very efficient. Well, you don’t know the real Sarinia Feinman until you see her in court! A few months after our agreements were signed Sarinia accompanied me to court when my ex-husband was trying to decrease his child support. Sarinia blew me away in front of the judge, she is so intelligent, quick on her feet and uses the least amount of words to pack the biggest punch. I was so impressed and felt blessed to have her at my side to argue for my children’s needs. Thank You!


Mother who prevailed in her Custody and Child Support Cases

Professional, knowledgeable, conscientious, understanding, intelligent, caring, and the list of qualities goes on for Sarinia. With her as my attorney, she was able to transform such a difficult, confusing time into an understandable process that I could handle. I highly recommend Sarinia to anyone needing a family law attorney. Thank you, Sarinia for being such a blessing and for coming alongside me as a counselor and a friend. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done for me and my children. Thank you!


Choosing the right attorney is a critical decision, but six years ago I was naïve and looking for anyone to represent me in my divorce. I had no legal experience, nor attorney references, so I went with the first available option, sadly this was not attorney Lindsay Childs. After years of very expensive representation, my attorney withdrew from the case even though it was not complete. Attorney Childs agreed to review my case, listened to my concerns, patiently explained how the judge would likely rule, how the opposing attorney might react, and laid out an approach for dealing with the one remaining issue in the divorce. This discussion took only 45 minutes, yet her approach worked, and I cannot thank her enough!

If you need a divorce attorney focused on resolving difficult situations quickly and efficiently, I highly recommend Ms. Childs. My only regret is that I did not find her earlier in this process. 

( J.M.S.)

Amicable Divorce Case

Dear Kate,

I was thoroughly delighted and reassured by every contact with you and your staff. Your gentleness, professional respect for all parties is admirable and greatly appreciated by me. The angels led me to the perfect lawyer to support me with an amicable divorce that I was not seeking. 

Praise and celebration, 

Warmest Regards,

Tony Vetrano, Lindsay Childs, Sarinia Feinman, Kate Vetrano, and Donna Marcus | Family Attorneys at Vetrano Vetrano & Feinman

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Our experienced family lawyers take the time to fully understand the financial and emotional complexities that can be involved in separating two lives. We offer the patience and resources to effectively guide clients through a divorce, addressing all the challenges they may face in moving forward with their lives. To learn more about how we can help protect your rights and interests in a complex divorce, contact the Pennsylvania divorce attorneys at Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC.