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Alimony Support

Alimony lawyers are needed during a divorce process and sometimes after a divorce is final if changes are needed. When it comes to alimony and property settlement agreements, two principles guide the alimony and support lawyers at our King of Prussia, Pennsylvania law firm: what is best for you and what is fair.

Determining what is best for you requires careful consideration of all your marital assets, such as real estate, business interests, retirement benefits, and life insurance. We also consider the tax consequences of alimony and make sure the divorcing couple’s expectations are met.

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King of Prussia Pennsylvania Alimony and Support Lawyers

Divorce contemplations can prompt many uncertainties about the future. How will the property be divided? Will I be able to support myself? Can the mortgage continue to be paid with one less income?

When a couple proceeds with divorce, the family court will often order one spouse to make monthly support payments to the other spouse. At Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC, we help answer your financial questions and offer guidance in resolving alimony and spousal support matters. We will help you determine the appropriate support settlement that is fair and equitable, advocating for your rights and safeguarding your best interests.

Contact your local alimony attorneys to discuss your future financial needs and concerns. We can help you understand alimony and how it applies to your unique situation.

Alimony and Support Considerations

Spousal Support

When a married couple resides in separate houses, spousal support can be required if one spouse earns more money than the other. There are unique defenses against spousal support claims.

Alimony Pendente Lite (APL)

Alimony support is paid by the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse according to a formula until all divorce issues are resolved and a final decree in divorce is entered. This form of support generally equalizes the spouses’ incomes so each spouse can meet his/her living expenses and counsel fees.


This support, awarded post-divorce decree, helps a dependent spouse meet unmet needs provided the other spouse can assist. There is no formula, but many factors are considered in determining whether alimony should be granted, the amount, duration, and conditions that would cause it to end. Alimony is not automatic, nor does it have a set duration. It is dependent on many factors of your unique situation.

Modifying Alimony and Spousal Support

Circumstances change, which can make payment of alimony become a significant hardship. For example, things beyond your control, such as unemployment, disability, or illness, can be a reason to modify your alimony agreement. If you are faced with this, contact your alimony and support lawyers at Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman, LLC as soon as possible to begin the process of modifying the support order. You are obligated to continue to pay until the court enters the modification.

The reverse is also true. As a recipient of alimony, your circumstances can change and make an alimony modification appropriate. Be sure to keep your alimony lawyers informed of your circumstances.

Enforcing Alimony and Spousal Support Orders

We can help ensure that your former spouse meets the obligations of the court order. Contact us if your former spouse has fallen behind in payments or is not paying court-ordered support.

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Our lawyers concentrate on family law and are recognized as skillful negotiators with an in-depth understanding of divorce law in Pennsylvania.

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Our experienced family lawyers take the time to fully understand the financial and emotional complexities that can be involved in separating two lives. We offer the patience and resources to effectively guide clients through a divorce, addressing all the challenges they may face in moving forward with their lives. To learn more about how we can help protect your rights and interests in a complex divorce, contact the Pennsylvania divorce attorneys at Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC.