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Divorce Lawyer in Norristown can help you Enforce a Martial Settlement Agreements

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Marital Settlements: Divorce Lawyer Kate Vetrano Can Help You Enforce These Agreements

Divorce lawyer in Norristown, Kate Vetrano, drafts marital settlement agreement and can help enforce or amend existing marital agreements. Marital settlement agreements may sometimes include a plan for the divorced parties to fund their children’s higher education, and recently that topic was in the news.
In Pennsylvania, no no law requires either married or divorced parents to pay higher education costs for their children. However, divorcing parents may choose to write a clause into their marital settlement agreement at the time of their divorce that they will follow a certain method to meet the college expense for their children including tuition, room, board, books, travel to and from university, allowance, etc. The parents could decide to pay proportionally to their income or equally after application of student loans or grants. The decision to include this type of clause must be considered by the divorcing couple, and is not applicable to every situation. If couples do choose to include an obligation to provide for payment of post-secondary education expenses, the property settlement agreement, however, a divorce lawyer in Norristown can assist in getting a court to enforce the terms of the marital settlement agreement to make one party pay the required and agreed-upon college education costs.
Kate Vetrano, a divorce lawyer of Norristown, concentrates in family law, which she has practiced for over 30 years. Vetrano and the team of divorce lawyers at Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC can help to enforce matters involving payments for higher education or any aspects of a marital settlement agreement including: child custody arrangement, visitation and scheduling of parenting time, alimony, child support, and other agreements based on individual needs. Changes of circumstances can prompt a divorced couple to discuss an agreement to amend their obligations including whether there should be an increase or decrease in alimony or child support because of changed income of either or both divorced spouses, whether a an agreement include increase or decrease change in the children’s educational needs warrant modification of an agreement. Often one spouse failed to transfer retirement benefits in accordance with a property settlement agreement and enforcement of the agreement is necessary.
For more information on how a divorce lawyer in Norristown can aid in any aspect of divorce proceedings, contact Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC at 610-265-4441.

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