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Family Law and Divorce

“A good divorce is not impossible.”

Our family law attorneys recognize divorce as a reality of the human condition for many people. They understand the decision to seek a divorce is never made lightly, and is often undertaken in a genuine search for a happier life. Divorcing spouses seek to put conflict behind them and move forward to a life of self-determination and peace. When divorce is the only way to achieve this, the idea that divorce can be “good” is no longer a contradiction in terms.

“Understanding the needs of the entire family”

Achieving a “good divorce” requires an understanding of the other spouse’s feelings and of the divorce’s long-term implications. Such long-term implications include child custody, child support, Retirement benefits, and spousal support. In other words, when the well-being of all family members is taken into account, a divorce can be “good,” rather than a bitter, destructive dissolution that leaves family members in turmoil. We want to make sure your divorce is done right.

“Every case will settle in its own way.”

Our family law attorney Kate Vetrano graduated law school the same year the divorce code was enacted over 25 years ago. Therefore, she has a broad depth of understanding of Pennsylvania’s divorce laws, changes in the law, and how to apply the laws to your advantage. But we don’t know you as well as you know yourself. We understand that divorce is not only the legal dissolution of a marriage, but also a psychological uncoupling. Each takes time. We are here to help you through the divorce with the understanding your situation requires, so that your divorce is done right.

“Disagreements happen, hostility is optional.”

Divorce and other family law disputes can devastate a family. While many lawyers can rightly boast they “always settle a case,” their clients can spend years and tens of thousands of dollars until they are utterly exhausted. Then they settle. Our Montgomery County divorce attorneys believe there is a better way. Through mediation, collaborative law and arbitration processes, we can work together in a healthier, less destructive manner to resolve matters for the benefit of everyone.