Legal Child Custody / Visitation

Parenting After Divorce — Short-term and Long-term

Our family lawyers know from experience that child custody matters (along with other aspects of a divorce) can be addressed in a way that minimizes the effect on children. Our attorneys help divorcing parents plan for their interaction with their children after the divorce. We consistently look for family-centric solutions to the issues facing the parents, such as post-divorce modifications to existing custody orders. While our family lawyers are aware of, and advocate for, clients’ immediate concerns, we also help you to not lose sight of long-term interests. We understand that most people want to be a part of the significant events in a child’s life. We provide legal representation and guidance consistent with that desire. When the boomers divorce, they seem to take many steps to preserve their families.

Placing your Child’s Interests before all others

Because a divorce can be so emotionally challenging for children, we often recommend that clients consult with a child specialist. This specialist can meet with your children and be their advocate to help you understand how your actions and decisions are affecting your children, now or in the future. The child specialist will help both parents arrive at a custody schedule that meets the needs of the children and the parents. Parents often only see custody schedules that meet their own needs without considering how such schedules affect the children.

Some parents have very different parenting styles and rules that make co-parenting after a separation or divorce difficult. Rather than argue about different parenting approaches, a co-parenting counselor can meet with the parents to teach them the skills to be effective co-parents in different households to minimize the tensions between the parents and the children.

If divorced or separated parents cannot agree on many issues and find that they are struggling on a regular basis to reach agreement on issues facing the family, instead of going to court for a decision on these difficult issues, a parent coordinator can be appointed with decision making power, granted to the parent coordinator by the parents or by the court. Some parents grant the parent coordinator decision making power over schedule changes or other common disputes while preserving their rights to go to court over more serious issues. The parent coordinator is usually designated as a independent party, with the ability to report to the court about the dispute.

If both sides agree, child custody, visitation, child support and all other legal issues can be decided through a collaborative approach.

Family law attorneys and judges can dissolve a marriage, but they do not change the parent-child relationship. The child custody lawyers at Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC negotiate child custody and visitation agreements that foster the best interests of the children.

Contact our child custody attorneys to discuss your unique case and to determine whether your family would benefit from the collaborative law approach, appointment of a co-parenting counselor, or a parent coordinator.