Pennsylvania Family Law

At Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC, our practice can be summed up in the following expressions, each of which speaks to the advantages we offer our clients.

family lawyer and civilThe Montgomery County, Pennsylvania law firm Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC, in King of Prussia, practices in the areas of family law and civil (not criminal) appeals.

Our family law attorneys are attentive to the emotional, psychological, and financial issues created by a divorce. Our civil appeals lawyer assists trial attorneys by evaluating their chances of success on appeal as well as writing the appellate brief (legal argument).

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Pennsylvania Family Law and Civil Appeals

Our practice areas include:

Divorce Overview

Our attorneys assist families in arriving at marital settlement agreements that resolve all the issues encompassed by a divorce. We always encourage our clients to try to obtain an amicable divorce without going to court through the collaborative law process. We help clients understand the impact of the marital estate and how marital property is divided in Pennsylvania. We provide effective and informative assistance with all divorce-related matters ranging from property division to child custody.

Collaborative Law

As a collaborative law pioneer in Pennsylvania, our attorney will enable clients and their attorneys to work together outside of the more contentious court system to achieve an amicable divorce agreement that is in the best interests of the whole family. We provide experienced, informative collaborative law representation focused on finding family-centric solutions.


When divorcing spouses cannot resolve their disputes over certain issues through mediation, we provide skilled arbitration as a powerful alternative. Arbitration can offer a quick, flexible and cost-efficient process which can be negotiated between the parties and tailored to meet their specific needs. We offer a certified arbitrator who is committed to providing prompt, reliable and compassionate arbitration services.

Child Custody and Visitation

We work to help clients understand the impact of their decisions on their children’s future. To arrive at suitable custody and visitation agreements, we use collaborative law, four-way meetings, and mediation. We help you consider the needs of the children and the functioning of the family to arrive at a custody schedule that is in the best interests of the children and the parents.

Child Support

Our family lawyers help clients navigate the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines and reach fair agreements regarding child support. At the same time, our attorneys encourage parents to consider other child-related costs that can be problematic, such as the costs for music, sports lessons, summer camp, orthodontic treatment, SAT and college application fees, and college tuition.

Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements (also called ante nuptial or prenuptial agreements) give individuals control over their assets if a marriage doesn’t work or if a spouse dies. Many who come to us for prenuptial agreements are surprised to learn the extent to which the laws of Pennsylvania already address many of their concerns. But there are also many situations for which a premarital agreement is advantageous. We help our clients focus on what needs to be protected while building a partnership meeting the needs of both parties. We also assist same-sex partners with cohabitation agreements.

Alimony – Spousal Support

While a divorce is pending, our attorneys often seek spousal support or alimony pendente lite to make sure the income stream is shared by the divorcing couple. After the property is divided, alimony is considered to meet the needs of a dependent spouse. Alternatively, such needs can often be met by transfer of marital property. The tax effects of the alimony payments and property distributions are taken into account in a manner that allows both spouses to benefit. The well-being and financial security of the dependent spouse can be an important consideration for all family members.

Divorces Later in Life

Attorney Kathleen (Kate) Vetrano is a nationally-recognized attorney in the area of elder divorce (divorce after age 50). She understands how mentalities change as people grow older and how this often leads to divorce. Divorce after 50 or even later in life can be complicated and involve unique family law issues. We want your divorce done right. When the boomers divorce, there can be unique issues.

Post-Divorce Enforcement or Modifications

Changes in law or circumstances may necessitate post-divorce modification of support, alimony, or custody. Our divorce attorneys also assist clients when a former spouse has not complied with a court order.

Retirement Benefits in Divorce

Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC offers divorce clients an advantage: Attorney Anthony J. (Tony) Vetrano can identify and value retirement benefits and prepare the court orders necessary to transfer benefits from one person to another without tax consequences. This is a complex area requiring familiarity with federal and state law.

Civil Appeals

Attorney Anthony J. Vetrano combines his appellate experience with the fresh perspective that is often necessary to bring a successful appeal of a case that was lost at trial. His considerable experience and fresh perspective allow him to review the record and assess the merits of an appeal free of the emotion and theories of the trial lawyer and party(ies) who were unsuccessful in the trial court. In short, his view of the case is often much closer to that of the appellate court which will decide the case.

If Mr. Vetrano believes an appeal stands a reasonable chance of success, he will identify those issues he considers material and appealable, and then write a brief (legal argument) that is persuasive.

If your case was important enough to take to trial, it is important enough to be studied by someone acquainted with and sensitive to the particulars of appellate procedure and civil appeals.

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