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Main Line Divorce Attorney Paula M. Borraidaile Speaks at Divorce Resource Events

Devon, Pennsylvania – Nov 27, 2017 – Paula M. Borradaile, a Main Line divorce attorney with law firm Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC. is speaking at Divorce Resource Events this fall, with the next occasion occurring on November 28 at Surry Services for Seniors in Devon. The events are being offered by the Women’s Resource Center, a non-profit entity that endeavors to support women, build communities, and strengthen families through counseling, referrals, and educational services. Ms. Borraidaile also spoke at a prior session on Sept 27th. The events offer information that is vital to anyone who is attempting to navigate a divorce. The relevant topics are covered by a panel of experts, including a therapist, and a financial advisor. Ms. Borraidaile and Tim Hewitt, a financial advisor with the Wiley Group, will present an overview of the legal and financial implications of divorce (which will include child custody and support). Ms. Borradaile, who[...]

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