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Recent Legal Changes Affecting Child Support Guidelines

Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC Outlines Recent Legal Changes Affecting Child Support Guidelines

family lawyer and civilFamily lawyers work hard to ensure that the divorce process is as smooth as possible by creating a comfortable and empathetic environment. Additionally, family lawyers must also keep up to date on all recent changes to laws in order to provide families currently experiencing the turmoil of divorce with only the most knowledgeable service.
Kate Vetrano, partner at Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman LLC has been representing clients going through divorce for approximately 30 years. With her combination of experience and knowledge, Kate Vetrano has come to understand the careful nature of divorce and how to empathize with the client. Moreover, Kate Vetrano and her associates teach and attend continuing legal education events in order to keep up to date on the law.

Child Support Changes

New child support guidelines went into effect on August 9th, 2013. If you are paying or receiving child support and your support order was calculated under the former version of the guidelines, you may be entitled to a modification under the current support guidelines. Potential clients who are interested in having their child support recalculated should contact an informed and reliable family lawyer who will adhere to the new guidelines.
Should You Recalculate Your Child Support Payments?
Many clients wonder whether they should file to modify their child support order. The party paying the support obligation may want to contact a family law attorney to determine if his/her child support obligation is lower under the new support guidelines. The party receiving support may want to contact a family law attorney to determine if his/her child support has increased. The knowledgeable family law attorneys at Vetrano Vetrano & Feinman, LLC can calculate your support obligation using the new guidelines and advise if a modification is warranted.
How Is Child Support Calculated?
The support guidelines establish a presumption of the correct amount of support. They are based on a formula which considers the parties’ incomes and number of children. The guidelines advise how much money an intact family at your income level would spend on the number of children subject to your support order. The amount of support stated in the guidelines is then allocated between the parties based on their percentage of the family income and the amount of custodial time each parent has with the children.
How Do Child Support Payments Work Between States?
Child support guidelines are specific to each state because they are not federally written. The Pennsylvania Support Guidelines remain the same throughout all the counties in the state. The person filing the support action should consider where the child and the payer reside when determining where to file for child support.
How Often Are Child Support Guidelines Modified?
In Pennsylvania, child support guidelines are updated on average, every three-ten years. Prior to August 2013, the last time the child support guidelines were modified was in May 12, 2010.
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