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A Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman, LLC family attorney on The Main Line in PA will help you understand your options and negotiate the child custody arrangement that is best for your children and your family. At Vetrano, we know that even when parents divorce, those individuals and their children still form a family. Our goal is to conduct the divorce proceedings in such a way that post-divorce relationships are as positive as they can be, as we recognize that although the marriage might be ending the parents will have to work together for many years to come for the sake of their children.

Family law may encompass many issues with regard to custody of children:

  • Regular custody schedule
  • Holiday custody time
  • Vacation custody time
  • Various legal custody (decision-making) issues

Our Main Line family attorneys also help families navigate the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines to determine basic child support, as well as the sharing of additional expenses for the children, such as the inclusion of summer camps, private school tuition, child care expenses, extracurricular activities, and other extraordinary expenses for the children.

Our family lawyers are experienced and can provide knowledgeable guidance before these issues become major problems.

For Skilled Family Attorneys on The Main Line in PA, Call Vetrano|Vetrano & Feinman, LLC

Each area of family law, especially those dealing with children, can cause stress and disputes between parents. Our attorneys’ goal is for the “family” to outlast the divorce, and for a positive post-divorce environment to be created for the children. Child custody and child support needs may change after the divorce is final and we can help make the necessary adjustments through modifications. For skilled and compassionate family attorneys on The Main Line in PA contact us today.