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Divorce and Family Lawyer Sarinia Feinman Interviewed on Financial Aspects of Divorce

March 26, 2021 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Family lawyer Sarinia M. Feinman completed the second part of a 2 part interview with Mike Menninger on his show “Financial Planning Explained.” The RVN TV interview about financial aspects of divorce aired on March 22nd and will air again on Friday, March 26th at 11:30am.

As a partner with the Family Law Firm Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC, Sarinia Feinman has been helping clients through difficult divorce issues, including complicated financial and tax issues, for many years. Due to her knowledge and experience on the subject, she has been asked to speak about financial aspects of divorce on multiple occasions for organizations such as the Montgomery Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Mike Menninger is a Certified Financial Planner, as well as founder and President of Menninger & Associates. Mr. Menninger’s show “Financial Planning Explained” features financial strategies from different industry experts, business owners and more each week.

The interview was a follow up to Ms. Feinman and Mr. Menninger’s discussion the previous week about many important elements of the financial aspects of divorce. In this second segment, they discussed such issues as alimony and spousal support, equitable distribution, businesses as assets, retirement benefits, and tax issues in divorce, in detail.

For example, with regard to alimony, Ms. Feinman mentioned that her firm often handles post-divorce modifications as part of family law, and that post-divorce alimony orders may be modifiable or non-modifiable. If the court orders alimony it must be modifiable, but if alimony is addressed in a settlement agreement, the parties can decide if it should be modifiable or non-modifiable. However, for some clients, Ms. Feinman recommends making the support non-modifiable in order to best serve their financial interests.

She remarked, “My general rule of thumb with parties is -if the alimony duration is going to be three years, four at most, I generally will say make it non-modifiable. Simply because you could be coming back every year. You’ll spend your alimony to argue about alimony.”

Mr. Menninger brought up how the tax laws with regard to alimony changed in 2019 and they discussed the straightforwardness of support guidelines.

Ms. Feinman noted that she sees a lot of cases where the individual thinks support is so straightforward that they decide to go to the master themselves. They find that things are less simple than they thought and then they hire her to help them.

“While the guidelines are straightforward in the sense of getting to the bottom-line number, where you start and what you apply to get to that bottom-line number is where the arguments come in.” She added that factors would include earnings, earning capacities, child tax credits, tax filing statuses and more.

In conclusion, Mr. Menninger emphasized how much the financial aspects of divorce, such as settlements and equitable distribution, tie into financial planning.

“When someone is about to receive an equitable distribution, or alimony or whatever it may be, it is so important for both parties to really evaluate the impact.” He went on to explain how people in the process of divorce have to project forward to future years for considerations like what they will be able to live on, social security, college costs, tax implications, and more.

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About Sarinia M. Feinman

Family lawyer Sarinia Feinman, Esq. is a partner with Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman and has chosen to limit her practice exclusively to family law. Ms. Feinman helps clients in the areas of divorce, child support, child custody and spousal support.

She is an active member of the Montgomery Bar Association (MBA). Currently, she is serving as the President-Elect of the MBA, having served as Vice-President in 2020, Treasurer in 2019, Secretary in 2018, and a Past Chair of both the Family Law Section (FLS) in 2014 and Young Lawyers’ Section in 2009. Ms. Feinman has also been recognized by organizations such as US News – Best Lawyers® and Super Lawyers for her accomplishments.

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