Pennsylvania Bar Association Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Pennsylvania Divorce Code

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Feb 3, 2020, – Hershey, PA – The Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Family Law Section (FLS) recently held the 2020 Winter Meeting, at which members commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code. The meeting was held January 17-19 at the Hotel Hershey.

Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman family attorneys Sarinia M. Feinman and Lindsay H. Childs attended the event, where speakers reviewed major milestones in family law that had occurred since 1980, and discussed contemporary and future issues within the family law field. Workshops and plenary sessions included topics such as The Evolution of Family Law in Pennsylvania, Order in the Court: Balancing Civility and Zealous Advocacy, The ART of Baby Making in the 21st Century, and Pleadings Practice: Common Pitfalls and Effective Strategies to Solve Them.

In 1980, Pennsylvania enacted sweeping changes to divorce laws, which had remained effectively unchanged since 1785. Before the Divorce Code changes, Pennsylvania had been one of three states that required fault grounds for divorce against an “innocent” spouse. The Commonwealth was also the only state in the nation that forbade alimony and post-divorce distribution of marital property. The 1980 Pennsylvania Divorce Code included provisions for alimony, provisions for equitable distribution of marital property, and other reforms.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association event was attended by many Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices, Superior Court judges, Common Pleas Court judges, legislators, and practitioners. As part of the special events at the Winter Meeting, some landmark cases were presented by the legal practitioners who argued the actual cases. In addition, the Family Law Section presented the Eric Turner Memorial Award to Judge Susan Peikes Gantman, President Judge Emeritus, Superior Court of Pennsylvania, on January 18.

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